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Finally effective CBD platform 

For traveling - Vet visiting - New Year´s Eve celebration - Advanture


Cedebix is a veterinary product containing CBD - cannabidiol found in cannabis. The product can complement the treatment of inflammatory diseases of joints, ligaments and tendons and at the same time have a postitive effect on soothing and calming animals during traveling, New Year´s Eve celebrations or visit to the vet.

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The world health organisation (WHO) declares the CBD bioavailability only between 6-19%. What does it means for your dogs? Only 6-19% of CBD stay active in the organism. Why you should spend money for products where at least 80% of CBD is the waste! With CEBEDIX-H is no waste at all!

CEBEDIX-H with great mucoadhesivity adheres to the oral mucosa and effective transfer of CBD can start. The strip platform cames out from years of experience with pharmaceutical products and clinical studies.


CEBEDIX for you pets


Just place the strip on the tongue and let dissolve


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Use: Oral strips are administered daily according to the recommended dosage into the mouth or with a piece of food, possibly mixed in with food.


Recommended dosage: Administer one strip a day, The maximum duration of use is 1 month.



The product strenghts:

Strenghts stated indicate the contents of CBD per one strip


Warning: Do not exceed recommended daily dosage. The product is not a substitute for veterinary care and medicines recommended by veterinarian. If your dog is taking a medicine, we recommend consultation with your vet.

The veterinary product is approved by ÚSKVBL and is available over the counter.

Store in the original packaging at 15°-25°C