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Extra power of CBD and menthol with mouth refreshment

Unique oral strip in the market



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The mouth cavity is very important gateway of pathogens entering into the body. CEBEDIX-H provides the protection of the oral mucous membrane and helps maintain its good oral health.

The world health organisation  (WHO) declares the CBD bioavailability  only between 6-19%. What does it means for final customers? Only 6-19% of CBD stay active in the organism. Why you should spend money for products where at least 80% of CBD is the waste! With CEBEDIX-H is no waste at all!

CEBEDIX-H with great mucoadhesivity adheres to the oral mucosa and effective transfer of CBD can start. The strip platform cames out from years of experience with pharmaceutical products and clinical studies.

In pharma industry all data must be approved! We don´t see any reason why we shouldn´t do the same things in others business areas.

Each strip presents a balanced dose of high-quality raw materials of CEBEDIX-H, which gives your mouth cavity:


 Strip Cenedix-HUse:

Place one strip into the oral cavity, with white side being in contact with the mucosa. Within a few seconds, it dissolves and you feel the effect very quickly.

Available strenghts:

Strenghts stated indicate the contents of CBD in one box


The maximum daily dose is 2 strips. Do not exceed the daily dose. The product is intended for oral hygiene, do not use in any other way. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes with cold water.


To ensure the highest quality of the products we produce, we obtain cannabidiol from plants grown in organic farming, in compliance with Good Agricultural Practice and Good Collection Practice (GACP). Extraction is carried out according to the HACCP protocols in Switzerland, which are known for their precision.