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InStar TechnologiesThe main goal and mission of InStar is to bring the different and unique solution to our partners. We do believe that our InStrip™ technology can truly copy the needs of biological systems. Due to the high degree of mucoadhesiveness, the maximum transfer of the active ingredient to the biological systems occurs, which is attributed to greater bioavailability of physiologically active substances.

In the development we focus mainly on oromucosal administration of active substances. There are several possible routes of administration in the oral cavity - sublingual (under the tongue), buccal (on the cheek inside the mouth), or administration on the tongue. InStrip™ adheres well to the desired mucosa and the active agent is released at the desired time interval.

In the case of a new project, we always start with a feasibility study that allows the customer to understand the possibilities of the technology and the selected active substance. The output is usually a sample that is sent to the customer for review. This step takes several weeks, depending on current available capacity. After approval of further steps we proceed towards the optimization of technological steps leading to production validation, preclinical, clinical studies and registration.

InStrip™ technology makes it possible to work with substances well soluble in biological systems, but also with substances from the BCS II and BCS IV groups as well as substances of the protein structure.