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Countless experiments and hours of work have led to the emergence of a completely new and undoubtedly revolutionary technology that we are rightly proud of.

Within the technology we are able to work with a wide range of different physiologically active substances, which we technologically modify according to the requirements of the market or partner, so that the resulting product contributes to improving the quality of life of people or animals.

The oral route of administration belongs to the most convenient and acceptable route for drug administration. We apply our proprietary InStrip™ technology together with years of know-how to create a new type of product applicable in the oral cavity.

Totally non-invasive use of physiologically active substances and rapid onset of action are some of the advantages of InStrip™ technology. Among others can be named accurate dosage, high level of homogeneity and stability in different conditions, easy composition without useless additives, no water needed for administration, combination of different substances in one strip...

InStrip technology works with different types of pharmaceutical polymers to offer different release profiles ranging from a few seconds to hours, months and even years, depending on the final application.

We see the greatest potential in substances with low bioavailability and thermos-labile substances, which include proteins, peptides suitable for biological treatment, immunization, vaccination, etc. We have years of experience in processing these substances, which have been verified by in vitro and in vivo studies.

The products we produce are very thin and highly flexible, which allows very precise adherence to the application site in the oral cavity. This is necessary to efficiently release the active ingredient from InStrip™ and ensure its maximum effect.