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Overview 1

Today the lifepace is very fast and many companies are focused on quick profit with minimal costs. Instar Technologies company is fully aware of this fact and within our services we can offer several options for working with us.

If your molecules of dosage form stay at the end of their patent protection and would like to extend sovereign position in the market, we are here for you to show you a new alternative.

If you do not have enough development capacity or simply want to transfer responsibility to another entity also in this area we are happy to assist you.

If you already have some experience with nanotechnologies and you got to the stage where you are stuck, within partnership with us, we advise you the most effective solution of your issue.

Together with you we want to change the world. We are provocative and we are not afraid of challenges, moreover our new application form is a challenge itself.

Can you imagine a life without injections? We are trying to make this dream come true. Join us.

You can reach more detailed information in the individual sections or contact us