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Our team


We are proud to have employees who are engaged, creative, passionate about their work, and committed to providing the highest quality of our service.

At the heart of our company is a phenomenal leadership team that has created a culture with people who work hard, care about each other, are innovative, and fun to be around. 

We employ some of the best specialists in the field of nanofibre technology around the world as well as the specialist with more than 30 years of experience in pharmacy and production.


Managing board                                                           

Our managing board is a three member group of professionals in many different business area.


František Komárek

František has many years of experience in the field of engeneering, gas, agriculture, etc. He puts the main emphasis on the people around him. He tries to create the conditions for people to be able to work on one-hundred percent and that their work would be their satisfaction as well. 

Aleš Berka

Aleš graduated from College of Pharmacy, Charles U., Czech Republic in 1980. He has more than 30 years of experience in pharma business. He worked at different positions  in production, quality control or assurance in one of the biggest generic company worldwide.  Since 2012 he has worked as an independant consultant in GMP processes.

Denisa Stránská

Denisa has been working in nanotechnology area for more than 12 years and for the last several years has been focusing on medical applications of nanofibers. She has developed fine fiber applications for wound healing, tissue engineering, bone replacement and drug delivery and successfully collaborated with multiple commercial and academic partners. In addition, she has an extensive knowhow in the area of formulating various APIs with nanofibers for different types of administration. 


Scientific advisory board

Dr.Pavel Hoder

Pavel graduated from the College of Pharmacy, Charles U., Czech Republic in 1980. He worked as a sales director for many pharma companies and also he has huge experience from OTC market. Last ten years he has worked as an independent consultant  for pharmaceutical companies and his core business is sale within dossier.

Dr.Zdeněk Pavelek

Zdeněk graduated from Masaryk University. Zdeněk worked for many years in QA department where in 90´s he started to build up the quality system and participated in implementation of GMP requirements. Zdeněk as a QM director was responsible for the whole quality system. Zdeněk is a co-founder of a company called G.M.Project which is an engineering company with huge support of specialist for pharmaceutical, biological and chemical production. Since 2014 he has worked as quality manager in the engineering company Favea Europe.


Statutory Director

Patrik started his career as a corporate attorney in Prague. His specialization has been designing international holding companies, M&A transactions, and due diligence. His geographical experience in this specialization is nearly worldwide and has traditionally had an affinity for counsel roles in Eastern Europe and Russia. Currently Patrik acts as chairman to several family owned businesses and is the supervisory lead to businesses in the USA, Russia, and other countries.